Save A Street Child Foundation is guided by an Advisory Board on matters pertaining to its administrative structure, content, projects, programmers and interventions.The organization is run by skeletal staff with a chain of volunteers acting as support staff.


  • The foundation seeks the attention and gain the confidence of the street children by giving them food and clothing to soothe their pain.
  • We  convince them about the modules and opportunities the foundation has in stock to help them develop their lives.
  • We motivate and encourage them to plan towards a better living.
  • We solicit funds from donor partners and individuals to assist the children to attain education or learn a vocation.
  • There are frequent checks and monitoring of the rehabilitated street children to make sure they are doing well in their chosen vocational fields.

Financial Consideration

Save a Street Child Foundation as a Non-Governmental Organisation sources for funds from sponsors,donor agencis,partners and in the future through social enterprising

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